OBD2 Fleet Tracker


  • Plugs Directly into the Vehicle OBD2 Port and that’s it you are Tracking.
  • Works Straight out of the Box
  • 52.6mm x 29.1mm x 26mm 80g
  • £8.50 + VAT per Month Direct Debit (Data Plan)


The unit comes ready to use. Plug it in and you are off and tracking. You do not have to do any setup. These are ideal for companies or individuals who change vehicles within the fleet on a regular basis, which saves time on any installations.

The OBD2 Fleet Tracker unit is a tiny unit however, some vehicles have no space for the cover to close, so you may wish to also purchase an extension cable that also just plugs in. One end to the OBD2 Fleet Tracker and the other to the OBD2 Port on the vehicle.

Download our app, enter the account details e-mailed to you and you will then see the LIVE GPS position of the vehicle. This unit not only supplies GPS positions. it also provides Full Analytics on the Driver Behaviour. It can also link into our Dash Cam LIVE Viewing part of the APP.

Even if you are not sure which GPS Fleet Tracker you want, then please get in touch on 0161 533 0070 or email: admin@trackuz.com

✓ Open the Box, take it out and plug it into the Vehicle OBD2 Port

✓ Login to the Tracking panel with unique Tracker ID supplied by us.

✓ That’s it….. You are Tracking LIVE