Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Asset trackers can be used to locate and protect a wide range of items such as plant machinery or farm equipment and portable items such as tool boxes or trailers. Asset trackers will alert you if your asset moves and let you track its location via your phone or PC.

At Trackuz, we have a wide range of asset-tracking devices which are suitable for trailers, motorhomes, boats, farming equipment, and much more.

Vehicle Security In The North West

GPS Asset Trackers

Asset Tracker GPS 521

Asset Tracker i7

£265.00 inc VAT

Asset Tracker i9

£289.99 inc VAT

Asset Trackers For Piece Of Mind

If you have a valuable piece of kit that you don’t want to lose, then fitting a GPS Asset tracker can give you peace of mind, knowing that you can locate your asset at any time.

Customer Service

As a vehicle security scpecialist, we can help you through the process of choosing the best asset tracker for your needs.

Smart Digital Fencing

A feature called "geofence" will help you track your trailer by drawing a border around a specific area. When your asset has moved, it will alert you via a push notification to your smartphone.


Our asset trackers are 100% reliable and have proven many times to get your valued asset back!