GPS Fleet Tracking

Are you in search of reliable and effective fleet tracking options?

GPS fleet tracking offers lots of great advantages, like…

  • Track the driver and vehicle in real-time.
  • Monitor driving behavior like speeding, aggressive acceleration, or hard braking.
  • Save money on vehicle maintenance and fuel expenses!
  • Strengthen your fleet’s safety standards and ensure your company is represented in the best light by taking steps to enhance your driver’s behavior.
GPS Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking Devices

GPS Fleet Tracker

£59.99 inc VAT

Waterproof Fleet Tracker

£109.99 inc VAT

OBD2 Fleet Tracker

£89.99 inc VAT

GPS Vehicle Dash Cameras

Dash Camera Fleet Tracker

£455.99 inc VAT

GPS Fleet Tracking

Our platform is perfect for Transport Managers giving total control.

Gaining better insight into your fleet helps you keep track of what you have and how it’s being used. This is a great way to ensure your business is running smoothly!

Gain full visibility into the locations of your vehicles anytime and anywhere, easily dispatch your drivers, and gain valuable insights from automated reports to help your business grow.

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GPS Fleet Tracking Services

At Trackuz Telematics, we strive to bring you the best GPS Fleet Tracking available, all at an unbeatable price – that’s our promise to you!

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