Waterproof Fleet Tracker


  • LIVE GPS Fleet Tracking 24/7
  • Updates every 30 Seconds
  • 2 or 3 Wire install +10-30V DC / 0v DC
  • FULL Driver Behaviour Analytics
  • Integrates with Dash Cam or DVR kits
  • FREE Training for Staff
  • Full Fleet Reporting
  • £8.50 + VAT per Month Direct Debit (Data Plan)
  • Do you require installation?



Our Waterproof Fleet Tracker provides live GPS Tracking 24/7 365 days a year and also Full UNLIMITED access to our free APP. The Waterproof Fleet Tracker is an ideal way to buy a cost-effective Tracker with a superior and easy to use Tracking Panel.

No matter how big or small your fleet is, our Waterproof Fleet Tracker will give you clear and crisp tracking so if you have 1 vehicle or 300 or more this Tracker will not let you down additionally You can generate data reports directly from the Tracking panel.

All of our GPS Tracker comes with a multi Network Sim Card which means they will roam across the networks and even outside of the UK all FREE OF CHARGE.

Even if you are not sure which GPS Vehicle Tracker you want then please get in touch on 0161 533 0070 or email admin@trackuz.com