Dash Cam with GPS Tracking in Aberdeen

NOT JUST A DASHCAM! Our dash cam with GPS tracking in Aberdeen gives you an unparalleled view into your fleet.

Driver Footage Recorded

Improved Driver Safety

Exonerate Your Drivers

Review incident footage immediately after it happens which can be used as evidence in conflicting reports of road events. This is a great way to actually see what happened prior to the incident and afterwards.

Prevent Distracted Driving

Reduce motor vehicle risks by visually confirming your drivers are wearing their seat belt and keeping their eyes on the road and not on there mobile phones.

Dash Cam with GPS Tracking

OurDash Cam with GPS Tracking in Aberdeen includes real time GPS tracking which improves customer service and gives you peace of mind knowing where your vehicle is at all times

GPS Dash Camera Aberdeen

Your Reliable Dash Cam with GPS Tracking in Aberdeen

About iTrack Direct

At Trackuz, we take pride in providing cutting-edge dash cam technology integrated with advanced GPS tracking capabilities in Aberdeen.

As a leading provider of vehicle tracking solutions, we are committed to enhancing road safety, protecting your assets, and ensuring peace of mind for drivers and fleet managers alike.

Our Thatcham Approved Engineers install all types of GPS Vehicle Trackers from a single unit to multi fleet vehicles including our very own Dash Camera with integrated GPS.

Customer Support

About iTrack Direct

Trackuz was founded with a vision to revolutionise road safety and empower individuals and businesses with reliable GPS tracking solutions.

With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in Aberdeen, catering to the needs of both private vehicle owners and commercial fleet operators.

We believe in delivering exceptional customer service. Our knowledgeable and friendly support team is available to assist you with any queries or technical issues you may encounter.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you have a seamless experience with our products and services.

GPS Dash Camera Berkshire

Dash Cam with GPS Tracking

dash cam with gps tracking in london

Just some of the many features available:

  • Front View and Internal View Cameras
  • Tamper Proof SD Card and Sim Card
  • 4G GPS Enabled – LIVE GPS Tracking
  • LIVE VIEW of LIVE Footage
  • Incident Retrieval via E mail
  • 128GB SD card included
  • Nationwide Installation
  • Roaming Data Sim included – All Networks
  • Monthly Subscription for GPS, LIVE View and Incident Retrieval £9.99 + VAT Per Month – No Contract – PAYG

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About iTrack Direct

Whether you are a private vehicle owner looking for an extra layer of security or a fleet manager seeking to optimize operations, Trackuz is your go-to solution in Aberdeen. Experience the power of our dash cams with GPS tracking and take control of your journeys like never before.

With our range of reliable services, we offer comprehensive solutions to enhance safety, security, and efficiency. 

Our top-notch GPS vehicle dash cameras in Aberdeen. capture every moment with exceptional clarity, while our advanced GPS tracking system enables real-time fleet tracking, optimising operations and ensuring driver safety. 

Take advantage of our cutting-edge immobiliser system to protect your vehicles from unauthorised access and leverage our comprehensive asset tracking service to safeguard valuable assets.

Contact us today to learn more about our products, pricing, and how Trackuz can benefit you. Drive safely, track efficiently, and enjoy peace of mind with Trackuz – your trusted partner on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions – GPS Dash Camera Aberdeen

Yes, our Dash Cam with GPS Tracking in Aberdeen has GPS tracking built in.

No. While the drain on the battery is minimal, our dash cams can bet set to turn off once the vehicle’s engine stops.

1. Accident Exoneration – avoid multi-million nuclear verdicts by proving an accident was not your fault with video evidence. 2. Improve Driver Safety – Prevent accidents in the first place by detecting distracted driving behaviors (texting, smoking, eating, drowsy driving) and send in-cab alerts to your drivers so their eyes get back to the road in front of them. 3. Save on Fleet Costs – Traditional GPS tracking reports can save your fleet money in fuel costs, maintenance repairs and insurance premiums.

Our dash cams are continuously recording driver and roadside footage as soon as the vehicle starts. All footage is recorded to the micro SD card and you can request video footage remotely from our dedicated support team.

Yes, our Dash Cam with GPS Tracking in Aberdeen features live streaming functionality so you can view your drivers in real-time. All live streaming footage can be viewed within our track manager platform  or you can request video footage to be emailed directly to you.